Cars and Co can help you sell your car on consignment.  Consignment may be the best way to sell your car for the highest price possible.

Some reasons that selling your car on consignment can help you achieve a higher price are:

  • Licensed Dealers can offer warranties & guarantees, that a private seller cannot
  • The buyer can be offered financing options, if required
  • Licensed Dealers can invoice the car to a bank, whereas a private individual can’t (banks & lenders prefer & urge clients to buy through approved dealerships)
  • Licensed Dealers can offer Trade-in options to the prospective buyer

Before agreeing on consigning your car both parties, consignee and seller need to agree on a price. This is determined by evaluating the current market & setting a good sell price to obtain a quick and favorable outcome for you and the buyer.

If the pricing is too high this may discourage potential buyers in the market, leading to the car depreciating more as it sits unsold on the lot. Or even worse, a new model gets released and this depreciates your car even further. If the pricing is too low, below the “fair market value”, then you will sell too cheap resulting in less cash for your car. Cars & Co has a very good track record in obtaining the best price for our clients.

Why choose Cars & Co to consign your car with?

We are passionate about customer service and will always treat you the way we wish to be treated.

We will endeavor to get you the highest retail price possible for your car.

We are known & very well respected in the industry.

NO JOY RIDES, we don’t condone it or approve of it with our cars. Let alone yours. If a potential customer is serious they will agree to a “subject to a test drive agreed deal” has been made.

We have over 100,000 cars drive past our showroom & with a huge database that reaches Australia wide you will have the best exposure.

You have complete control over the selling price you are willing to accept for your car.

We would only charge $750 (inclusive of GST) for the marketing and storage of your vehicle.

Our Commission is negotiated with you or the buyer and it is on “success-only” basis.

Other benefits of selling your vehicle through us:

We offer trade-in valuation sight unseen for anyone interested in purchasing your car anywhere in Australia.

Avoid the liability of having your car test driven by someone not insured under your insurance.

We pay $10’s of thousands of dollars in Insurances, therefore are covered for all cars whether a consignee’s car or ours in our possession for the maximum value.

No car washing fee’s, no advertising fee’s, no headaches

If you value your privacy & seek that no one’s knows your business. We totally get it and assure you that your Privacy is our main priority in all cases.

We eliminate you having to do any paperwork or make any arrangements to finalize

Eliminate the several weekends required to:

  • Place ads
  • Communicate with buyers
  • Schedule test drives (we only decide if the buyer is serious) we do not accept test drives just for the fun of it. As we understand better than anyone the point of sale where the buyer is permitted to drive the car.
  • All inspections are carried out and a copy of report gets sent to the consignee