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"So much easier than I had anticipated."

'My experience with Cars & Co was the very best I have encountered when purchasing a new car. They worked to get me a trade in deal that I an very satisfied with.

Thank you for a job well done.

-- Jen --

It was so effortless to source this company van and have our old one traded in.

Shervin at Cars & Co did all the work and we ended up with a saving of more than $3000. We had the new van delivered right to our door and the trade in was picked up at the same time. Great service and great value. We love our new van!

-- Ellen Tung --

After countless weekends talking with various new car dealers,

and getting various prices which were always the “lowest they could go”, and being asked “what would it take to get you to sign today”, I was actually starting to lose interest in buying a new car. In addition to that, I was made to feel like the dealers were doing me a favour by trying to find stock in the system. Then one day I stumbled upon Cars and Co. One quick online submission, and Shervin called me back within an hour, and within 24 hours I had pricing that was absolutely outstanding. Plus stock was no issue either. The whole process was just so easy. This is the only way I will ever buy cars in future.

-- Paul Stone --

So much better than dealing with Mercedes Brisbane directly.

The experience was about listening and education without arrogance. I cannot express how much better it was.

-- Darren Jansz --

I must admit that I did not expect the deal that Shervin obtained for me.

I have owned 3 SE Mercedes in the past, but this was a sweet experience. Shervin sourced the vehicle from a dealership 750 kms away from my home, right specs, good price, and arranged to have it delivered to my front door with the dealership representative 2 weeks later….How good is that? I would certainly recommend “Cars and CO” to any serious buyer in the market. Nick Mandikos

-- Nick Mandikos --